Cum faci să crești salariile în an electoral: ghidul polonez

Polonia e în plină campanie electorală, iar guvernul polonez se pregătește pentru o schimbare de paradigmă, premierul Meteusz Morawiecki anunțând ”sfârșitul erei forței de muncă… Mai mult


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Optimizare fiscală mondială: Luxemburg și Olanda se află pe traseele a 7 trilioane de dolari de false investiții străine directe – studiu FMI

Falsele investiții străine directe (ISD) din lume se ridică la circa 15 trilioane de dolari, iar dintre acestea aproape jumătate doar trec, de fapt, prin… Mai mult



Comisia von der Leyen vs. Comisia Juncker: Schimbare de echilibru în Europa

Președintele-ales al Comisiei Europene a anunțat marți noua structură a executivului european. României i-a fost atribuit, prin viitorul comisar Rovana Plumb, portofoliul de la Transporturi.… Mai mult


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Noua strategie de îndatorare: MFP vrea mai mulți lei de la bănci, BNR se teme de gradul lor mare de expunere pe datoria guvernamentală

Ministerul Finanțelor (MFP) pare să nu fi ținut seama de gradul mare de expunere a băncilor la deținerile de titluri de stat, atunci când și-a… Mai mult


Articole despre «government»

Government is trying to save budget deficit: reductions in public administration system, cancellation of bonus for harmful conditions, excise duty on soft drinks

The Government is preparing the public for the first measures aimed at avoiding the budget slippage, which would be applied by the PSD-ALDE government. News… Mai mult


Legislative Council had already pulled “Ordinance on greed” to pieces even before its adoption: You create bases of a centralized economy and exempt yourself from fiscal-budgetary responsibility

  The opinion issued in December by the Legislative Council on Ordinance 114 (which establishes, among other things, the “tax on greed”) contains no less… Mai mult


Iasi – Tg.Mures highway disappeared from Large Infrastructure Operational Programme 2021-2027

The Ministry of European Funds has taken out Iasi-Tg. Mures highway project from the Large Infrastructure Operational Programme 2021-2027 and the Ministry of Transport already… Mai mult


Sovereign Fund gets legal base. Details announced by Minister Teodorovici

The Government adopted on Thursday the ordinance that provides for the general framework for the establishment of a Sovereign Fund. Later, after new talks with… Mai mult


Development strategy / Government squeezes even investment money from its own companies: EUR 120 million from only two entities in energy field

Nuclearelectrica (SNN) and Romgaz (SNG) have calculated the additional dividends to be paid to the state after the Ministry of Finance (MFP) sent to the… Mai mult


Foreign investors urge Government to stop regulating practice through OUG and return to consultations with business community and society

The Foreign Investors Council urges the Government, in the view of the proper functioning of the economy, to stop the regulating practice through emergency ordinances… Mai mult


Government amended insolvency law. Guarantees given by Minister Teodorovici

The Government adopted on Thursday the draft Emergency Ordinance for amending and supplementing legislation in the field of insolvency, which provides among other things for… Mai mult


Infrastructure projects lost EUR 41.5 million following budget amendment. In what projects cuts have been made

Despite the assurances that Dancila government is concerned and intensely working on the road infrastructure projects, at the budget amendment the Transport Ministry has cut… Mai mult


S&P maintains Romania’s rating at “BBB-A-3”, with a stable outlook: arguments

Rating agency Standard & Poor’s confirmed on Friday ratings for long- and short-term debt in foreign and local currency to “BBB-/A-3” with a stable outlook,… Mai mult


Pension Pillar 2: Effects of reducing contributions on large Romanian companies. Danger and solution

Reducing contributions to Pillar 2 of the pension system will also amputate the contribution to future private pensions resulting from investments in large Romanian companies.… Mai mult


Document / Public procurement – Changes made by OUG: how to calculate guarantees, values over which contract must be publicly announced, how to change contract without resuming procedures

Under the promise of reducing bureaucracy and increasing efficiency in the public procurement procedure, the Government approved on Thursday an emergency ordinance that brings essential… Mai mult


OUG on Public Private Partnership – adopted. New things

The Government adopted on Thursday the emergency ordinance on public-private partnership (PPP), which amends previous regulations. The law from 2016 remained inapplicable because “ implementing… Mai mult


“They say what popular vote wants, we say what economy can do”: BNR increases key interest rate

The National Bank of Romania (BNR) surprised a part of the market on Monday with the decision to raise its monetary policy rate to 2.5%… Mai mult


Dancila government has established “Commission for Preparing Changeover to Euro”. Another committee has been already doing the same thing for a year and a half

On Wednesday, the Government adopted an Ordinance aimed at establishing a commission for preparing the timetable for Romania’s accession to the single European currency. Prime… Mai mult


Five priorities of the Coalition for the Development of Romania presented to Dancila government

Representatives of the Coalition for the Development of Romania (CDR), an initiative of the Romanian business community coordinated since the beginning of this year by… Mai mult


State-owned companies forced to participate in public tenders

The Government approved on Thursday a memorandum that includes a series of measures targeting publicly owned or controlled companies. Basically, the document forces the state-owned… Mai mult


Governance and Congress: Prime Minister Dancila appointed PSD Vaslui and Neamt leaders’ sons as state secretaries

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila, who is aspiring to the position of PSD executive president, promoted the sons of PSD Vaslui and Neamt presidents to government… Mai mult


World Bank – officially: No progress in six months in reforming ANAF – discussions over closing the project

Romania, probably the only country in the world where the reform of the tax authority is required only by business community and citizens Considering that… Mai mult


Government has approved procedure for acquiring four multifunctional corvettes built in Romania and asks US Government to sell long-range ballistic missile to it

Romanian Government approved Thursday two decisions on the national endowment programs – “Multifunctional corvette” program and “Multiple long-range ballistic missile launcher system” – HIMARS. According to… Mai mult


State has initiated procedure for purchasing 51% of Daewoo’s shares at Mangalia Shipyard

The Government approved in the last meeting a memorandum stating that the state will use its preemption right at Mangalia Shipyard and buy the 51%… Mai mult


Articole mai vechi »


Termenul pentru anunțarea intenției de a beneficia de amnistia fiscală a fost extins până la 31 octombrie

Vladimir Ionescu

Termenul de depunere a notificării privind intenția de restructurare a obligațiilor bugetare în vederea beneficierii de amnistie fiscală a fost majorat cu o lună, până… Mai mult


Avocatul Poporului atacă la CCR o modificare adusă legii exproprierii pentru utilitate publică

Vladimir Ionescu

Avocatul Poporului a sesizat Curtea Constituțională a României cu o excepție de neconstituționalitate referitoare la la un articol din legea adoptată în iulie pentru modificarea… Mai mult


Viorica Dăncilă și-a depus candidatura pentru alegerile prezidențiale

Vladimir Ionescu

Premierul Viorica Dăncilă și-a depus, joi, la Biroul Electoral Central, candidatura pentru alegerile prezidențiale, social-democrații anunțând că au depus în susținerea candidatului PSD dosare conținând… Mai mult


Oficial / Laura Codruța Kovesi va fi primul șef al Parchetului European

Vladimir Ionescu

UPDATE:  Este o reușită a tuturor românilor care au susţinut lupta anticorupţie, a spus Laura Codruța Kovesi în prima declarație oferită presei după votul din Consiliul… Mai mult


Directorul Transelectrica a fost demis. Parchetul s-a autosesizat pentru folosirea actelor false de studii

Vladimir Ionescu

Consiliul de Supraveghere al Transelectrica l-a revocat din funcție pe președintele Directoratului Companiei, Marius Dănuț Carașol (foto), joi dimineață, după ce Politehnica București a confirmat… Mai mult


Fed a anunțat o reducere modestă a dobânzilor din SUA, spre nemulțumirea președintelui Donald Trump

Vladimir Ionescu

Banca centrală americană (Fed) a anunțat miercuri o reducere modestă a dobânzilor-cheie de politică monetară, cu un sfert de punct, a doua în două luni,… Mai mult


Liceele unde rata de promovare a Bacalaureatului a fost 0% nu mai pot face înscrieri în clasa a IX-a

Mariana Bechir

Liceele unde niciun absolvent nu a promovat Bacalaureatul din iulie 2019 nu pot face înscrieri în clasa a IX-a, conform Ordinului de Ministru 5090/2019 privind… Mai mult