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7 mai, 2017

New Eurostat data confirms that more and more people going abroad for work settle in the destination countries. 28,400 Romanians were granted citizenship in another EU member state in 2015 compared to 24,300 in 2014.

It is spectacular the increase in the number of people with citizenship acquired in Italy, from 6,400 in 2014 to 14,400 Romanians in 2015.

In 2015, 727,200 people from non-EU countries and 104,900 people from the 28 member states have been granted a citizenship in an EU country. Out of these 104,000 people, 28,400 were Romanians.

In absolute terms, the Romanians were the main group of Europeans who acquired the citizenship of another EU member state.

Romanians were the 6th group by the country of origin of the new naturalized, being exceeded only by the immigrants from non-EU states:

  • Moroccans (86,100 persons)
  • Albanians (48,400 persons)
  • Turkish nationals (35,000)
  • Indians (31,000)
  • Pakistani (26,300)

The second country, after Italy, preferred by the Romanians settled abroad, was Germany, where 3,000 people took the oath of faith.

One year before (2014), the state that ranked 2nd in terms of the citizenship granted to Romanians was Hungary, where they received 6,200 people.

Only one more EU country was in 2015 among the main countries of origin of those who were granted a citizenship in the EU 28 – Poland. A little over 18,000 Poles obtained a citizenship in another EU state in 2015, most of them in Germany (6,000) and the UK (3,700 people).

Countries where Romanians have been granted citizenship in 2015:

  • Italy – 14,400 people, representing 75% of all Europeans from another member state who became Italian citizens
  • Germany – 3,000 people (have been overtaken by the Polish, Italians, Croatian nationals, and Greeks in the EU member states category)
  • Hungary – 2,600 citizens (89.1% of the EU total). They are double citizenships granted to the Hungarian minority, in a special regime, the same as Romania grants the citizenship to people from the Republic of Moldova
  • UK – 1,700 Romanians (2nd position, after the 3,800 Poles)
  • France – 1,600 people (2nd position, after the Portuguese, in the EU category)
  • Belgium – 1,200 people (representing 17.4% of the EU citizens naturalized here, placing Romanians on the top position in this category.) Only the Moroccans surpassed the Romanians, in the total number that also includes the non-EU states, with 3,200 people who became Belgian citizens)
  • Spain – Romanians rank first (also in the EU countries category) with 1,000 citizens. It should be noted that Spain granted 91,500 fewer citizenships in 2015 than in the previous year due to the administrative delays. That was the main cause of the 5% decrease in the 2015 citizenships granted in the EU
  • Ireland – 900 people, which places the Romanians right behind the Poles (1,200 citizenships obtained)
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