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Partially undeclared work – legislative campaign to combat it: redefinition of non-declaration, work program recording, drastic fines

Employers are required to accurately record the time worked by the persons employed under part-time contracts as well as the start and end time...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 18.6.2017

Incredibly simple solution that increased VAT collection: Government drives economy back to postponing VAT refund

The optimistic figures announced by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu last Thursday regarding the increase in tax collection seem to be based on a forced...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 1.5.2017

Romania to buy Patriot missiles – it will be the 13th country in the world that owns this defence system

The Chief of the Military Staff, General Nicolae Ciuca (photo), announced in a press conference on Thursday that Romania intends to buy American missiles...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 23.4.2017

Six R&D centres to be established in agriculture. They will receive subsidies

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR) launched for public debate six draft government decision for establishing or reorganizing six R&D centres specialised...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 17.4.2017

Trade deficit, consolidated by negligence, reached EUR 1.3 billion. After only two months of 2017

  The trade deficit in the first two months of 2017 was EUR 1.259 million, 27% higher than the same period of the previous...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 15.4.2017

Interview with Dacian Ciolos/ Nobody expects for Romania to catch up with Germany overnight. But it is expected to maintain an azimuth. If we do things well for Romania, we shall also count for the hard core group

The weeks before the EU summit in Rome, along with the five scenarios outlined by J.C. Juncker before starting the discussions, have also set...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 9.4.2017

Increasingly weaker state with bigger and bigger obligations: temporary budget micro-surplus, briefly explained

The general consolidated budget ended the first two months of 2017 with a 0.05% micro-surplus of the estimated GDP for the current year, according...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 2.4.2017

Romania and Brexit: Damages for Bucharest compared to Central and Eastern Europe countries. Limited effects in short-term, big long-term threats

Although they will weigh heavily only after 2019, when the exit of the UK from the European Union will have effectively completed, the effects...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 27.3.2017

Hourly labour cost increased by over 12% in Q4 2016 compared to 2015. Higher earnings in healthcare and education

The hourly labour cost in adjusted terms (by the number of working days) registered an increase of 12.33% in the fourth quarter of 2016...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 9.3.2017

BNR forecasts lower economic growth than Government. Explanation: different “macroeconomic model”

The National Bank of Romania (BNR) forecasts the economic growth between 4% and 5% in 2017, based on its macroeconomic model; its estimation would...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 12.2.2017

Government amends, only 3 months after last change, the method of approving price of medicines. Industry claims 48% of the market is disrupted

The Ministry of Health has launched to public debate a government decision draft to amend the calculation methodology and the endorsement/approval procedure for the...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 12.2.2017

Klaus Iohannis in Parliament: Legislate for Romania not for some politicians with problems. Do what you promised during elections, do not make fun

President Klaus Iohannis assured on Tuesday that he does not intend to change in any way the result of the parliamentary elections, asking instead...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 12.2.2017

Four largest universities and Ad Astra Association: Government reorganizes, namely re-politicises research domain

  The Minister of Research prepares the “reorganization of the advisory bodies” under the authority of the ministry, which risks to undo “any effort...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 11.2.2017

A new phenomenon: brands’ revolt. How advertising decreased on Romania TV and Antena 3 news channels because of tendentious reporting on protests against Government

Against the background of protests caused by the Government’s initiative to amend the Criminal Code by emergency ordinance and the call of Frontline Club...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 10.2.2017

Expanding domestic capital: Bitdefender and Dedeman increase their business scale by new acquisitions

Companies with Romanian capital surprise by spectacular actions that previously were rather typical to the foreign capital: Bitdefender took over a partner company from...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 23.1.2017

Prime Minister Grindeanu about 2017 budget: 5.2% economic growth, 815 billion lei GDP, 253 billion revenues

Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu said on Sunday evening on Romania TV that the budget deficit in 2017 will fall within the set target of...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 20.1.2017

Liquidity of Romanian banking system – the lowest from Central and Eastern Europe, relative to GDP

The excess liquidity of the Romanian banking system was 4.5 billion lei in December, or 1.3% of GDP, excepting the minimum reserve holdings from...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 19.1.2017

Official excuse launched for cutting investment: Dragnea criticizes Ciolos for 10 billion lei, precisely the impact of the Government measures decided on Friday

PSD Chairman Liviu Dragnea announced on Sunday evening at Romania TV that “it is very likely” to initiate an inquiry parliamentary commission before which...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 11.1.2017

Revenues of Foreign Direct Investment: Economic questions, figures’ answer

During the time since joining the European Union, dividends distributed to foreign investors exceeded EUR 20 billion and interest paid on loans to their...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 3.1.2017

Hornbach to boycott the wood from Holzindustrie Schweighofer

German DIY retailer Hornbach will waive, starting January 2017, the contract with the Austrian company Holzindustrie for the trade of timber and planed wood....Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 31.12.2016

Foreign investment in 2015: strengths and weaknesses

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Romania reached EUR 64,433 million last year, equivalent to 40% of annual GDP. Centralized BNR data shows that 70%...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 20.12.2016

Firm agreement between KazMunayGas and Chinese CEFC for 51% of Rompetrol shares

KMG International NV (KMGI), the major shareholder of Rompetrol Rafinare, announces that negotiations between the National Company KazMunayGas from Kazakhstan (KMG NC) and Chinese...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 16.12.2016

One more month with trade deficit of EUR1 billion: performance of the automotive industry – cancelled by the consumer goods imports

Trade deficit for the first ten months of this year was EUR7,899.8 million, about 23% higher than the same period of last year. The...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 14.12.2016

Minister of Defence: There are signals that give us food for thought – antiaircraft protection from Deveselu must be strengthened

“We obviously have to think, and we do that together with our partners and allies, to some elements for strengthening the antiaircraft protection of...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 2.12.2016

The Public-Private Partnership Law, promulgated: Let’s see the tens of billions euro projects that waited for this law

Public-private partnership projects (PPP) amounting tens of billions of euros could find sources of financing and implementation after the PPP Law was promulgated Wednesday...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 27.11.2016

The IMF estimates that Romania’s budget deficit will increase to 3.5% of GDP in 2017 following the populist measures taken this election year

The salary increases recently adopted by the Parliament will cause the increase of Romania’s budget deficit to about 3.5% of GDP in 2017, well...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 10.11.2016

The big problem of Romania: Ratio of public budgets to GDP. Its cause and some comparisons

Eurostat records list Romania as the country with the lowest public revenue among the EU member states, except for the strictly circumstantial case of...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 9.11.2016

Klaus Iohannis: I am concerned that 30% of the agricultural land is owned by foreigners

President Klaus Iohannis expressed his worries on Wednesday that 30% of the Romanian agricultural land is owned by foreigners, arguing that the law should...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 4.11.2016

“If you want to see that again”: Alarm signals on budgetary execution before an election campaign

The general consolidated budget registered a deficit of 3.7 billion lei on the first nine months of 2016, equivalent to almost half a percent...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 28.10.2016

Romania – penalized in terms of life quality because of the healthcare system

Romania ranks 32th among 61 countries surveyed in mid-2016, right after Poland and South Africa, but before Mexico and Bosnia-Herzegovina in terms of quality...Citeste mai departe »

Publicat la data de 26.10.2016

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Valentin Naumescu / Nicio majoritate nu poate face orice. Cazul Poloniei

Valentin Naumescu

Puncte cheie: Persistă încă, la noi și în întreaga noastră regiune (vezi Polonia, Ungaria etc.), fiind vorba de țări care au redescoperit libertatea votului...Citeste mai departe »

Dan Bădin / Cum ne afectează propunerile de modificări fiscal-bugetare din noul program de guvernare

Dan Bădin

Indiferent de statut profesional, culoare politică sau nivel al veniturilor, cu toții am fost prinși în ultimele zile în febra discuțiilor ocazionate de noul...Citeste mai departe »

Valentin Naumescu / Nord Stream 2: cât business, câtă geopolitică și câtă neîncredere istorică? Ce vor spune președinții la Varșovia?

Valentin Naumescu

Puncte cheie: Pentru încă două-trei generații de est-europeni de acum înainte, asta dacă nu se întâmplă nimic rău pe continent până atunci, orice proiect...Citeste mai departe »

Câteva explicaţii economice ale luptei politice

Marin Pana

Miza pilonului II al sistemului de pensii, cel al contribuţiilor obligatorii administrate privat o constituie suma strânsă de la lansarea acestui sistem. Sistem menit...Citeste mai departe »

Cristian Grosu / România sovietică, ocultismul decizional și reforma clasei politice

Cristian Grosu

PSD a ratat încă odată; și intră în siajul stângii franceze – rămânând calat pe combinația de frică, pupulism și prostie întreținută instituțional. Da,...Citeste mai departe »

Andreea Paul / Ordonanța, ANAF-ul și soldații bătăliei cu prețurile de transfer

Andreea Paul

O reglementare mai atentă asupra prețurilor de transfer este necesară, dar ordonanța de guvern dată vinerea trecută nu este suficientă fără voința acțiunilor ferme...Citeste mai departe »

Cristian Diaconescu / Patru mesaje certe transmise de întânirea Trump – Iohannis

Cristian Diaconescu

Prin vizita Presedintelui Iohannis la Washington si angajarea dialogului, la cel mai inalt nivel, s-a marcat un moment interesant dar in acelasi timp cat...Citeste mai departe »

Mircea Coșea / Pericolele discursului economic: de la simplificare la manipulare

Mircea Coşea

Ar trebui să ne bucure tendința tot mai evidentă a societății românești de a discuta economie , despre rolul și efectele dezvoltării acesteia asupra...Citeste mai departe »

Cât plătim în plus pentru veniturile mai mari/impozitele mai mici ?

Marin Pana

Oficial ne merge bine. Suntem aproape de 60% cu nivelul de trai faţă de media UE în termeni de putere de cumpărare, salariile au...Citeste mai departe »

Radu Crăciun / Agresiunea împotriva României, încurajată și de ei și de noi

Radu Crăciun

Recent, asistand la prelegerea pe teme de securitate a unui domn general in rezerva, am invatat un nou termen: agresiune acinetica. Probabil ca nici dumneavoastra nu...Citeste mai departe »

Cristian Grosu / Cele 4 mari probleme ale salarizării ca mită electorală. Despre compromiterea unui instrument de ordine în economie și societate

Cristian Grosu

1), La prima mare problemă a legii salarizării unitare – muncită vârtos zilele acestea și vândută iresponsabil în ultimele 6-7 luni – o să...Citeste mai departe »

Valentin Lazea / Adevăr și democrație

Valentin Lazea

Rândurile de mai jos constituie reflecții prilejuite de prelegerea „Ştiinţă, adevăr, democraţie. O alianță problematică?” susţinută de dl. profesor universitar dr. Mircea Dumitru, rectorul...Citeste mai departe »

Daniel Dăianu / De-euroizarea și aderarea la zona euro: o contradicție?

Daniel Daianu

De ceva timp Banca Nationala a Romaniei publica minute ale sedintelor Consiliului de Administratie. Si in acestea se mentioneaza o tendinta de crestere a...Citeste mai departe »

Gabriel Biriș / O (nouă) revoluție fiscală? În ce scop?

Gabriel Biris

Recent au apărut în piață două proiecte ale guvernului PSD-ALDE: Introducerea unui nou concept, impozitul pe gospodărie, concept care ar urma să schimbe din...Citeste mai departe »

Aurelian Dochia / De ce este normal ca o țară ca România să importe mai mult decât exportă

Aurelian Dochia

Mi-a atras atenția o analiză publicată de cursdeguvernare.ro (aici) care trece în revistă structura comerțului exterior românesc și deplânge faptul că țara noastră înregistrează...Citeste mai departe »

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