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2 iulie, 2017

The Coalition for Romania’s Development (CDR) considers that the fiscal-budgetary measures proposed by the new government program – which has a major impact on the Romanian economy – cannot be taken without a public consultation and an analysis of their impact.

In a press release issued on Thursday evening, the CDR announced that it took note with „surprise” of the recent proposals to amend the government program.

„The fact that in the communication process (see, for example, „the withdrawal of the second pension pillar”), responsible decision makers contradict each other on these opportunities has the consequence of increasing the distrust on how these measures have been substantiated,” the CDR states.

The press release says:

„The business community anticipates that such changes will have profound economic effects and cause structural changes in the Romanian economy, by inhibiting certain types of activities that today support the economic growth of Romania.

Given the state of development of Romanian enterprises, the proposals to amend the tax system are likely to affect large investments and compromise the positive cycle of the Romanian economy’s growth.

The importance of predictability and transparency in governance is well known and validated, for the good functioning of the economy, and as a form of respect for those who create jobs with their activity, pay taxes, and contribute to the overall wellbeing.

CDR appreciates that the launch of such proposals weakens the confidence in the political class and the Government, significantly increases the risk level, resulting in a drastic decrease in the private investment, both Romanian and foreign, with the corresponding deterioration of the economic and social development indicators, ultimately translating into the standard of living of the citizens. We are confident that the members of the Government and of the Romanian Parliament are not willing that!

In view of the above, the CDR considers necessary for the Romanian Government to firmly and rapidly state its position on the recent information appeared in the public space regarding the amendments on the government program, as it has been presented during the election campaign and voted in the Parliament.

In the spirit of a good cooperation, CDR expresses its willingness to engage in an immediate dialogue to provide assistance for clarifying and assessing the impact of these proposals.”

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