13 august, 2022


Last week, the ministry debated another draft ordinance to amend the Tax Code. Changes include the already promised tax exemptions for physicians’ incomes or dividends, as well as the increases in excise duties on gasoline and diesel to...
28 august, 2017
At the beginning of the current year, the over-excise of 7 euro cents per litre included in the total excise duty has been eliminated. At the same time, VAT has fallen by one percentage point, from 20% to...
14 august, 2017
The Government has initiated this week the legislation needed to change taxation as it faces the issues related to the budget deficit and the payment of political commitments – and surprised the business environment with a reactive and...
14 august, 2017
The trade deficit in the first eight months of this year was EUR 6,133.8 million, about 28% higher than the same period of the last year. Imports coverage rate based on exports dropped below 90% threshold that we...
12 octombrie, 2016


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