1 aprilie, 2023

tax evasion

The intentional non-payment of taxes and contributions due to the budget, subject to the withholding regime, will be considered a tax evasion, according to a draft emergency ordinance that is under the public debate on the website of...
11 decembrie, 2017
Prime Minister Tudose announced on Thursday that the split VAT measure will apply only to companies with problems: A fair decision: not the split payment would have solved the (VERY BIG) problem of the VAT in Romania. cursdeguvernare.ro...
22 octombrie, 2017
Sociologist Alin Teodorescu told at the „In front of you” TV show at Digi24 that the explanation for the large fortunes of some politicians lies in the law on non-personal bearer shares. The former PSD deputy also said...
10 iulie, 2017
Banks and other credit institutions will report all transactions worth more than 10,000 euros equivalent, according to a draft law launched by the National Office for the Prevention and Control of Money Laundering to public debate. The threshold...
28 mai, 2017


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