14 august, 2022

salary increases

UNSUSTAINABLE: Purchasing power increase, triple compared to GDP growth! The purchasing power of wages reached the threshold of 180% in July 2017 compared to the reference set for October 1990 (last month before price liberalization). In the first...
9 octombrie, 2017
Deputies voted in favour (232 votes in favour, 21 against and 1 abstention) of the bill approving the Government Emergency Ordinance 2/2017 on fiscal and budgetary measures. According to the ordinance adopted in January, as of June 2017,...
21 mai, 2017
Romanian citizens are ready again to fall into politicians’ traps who know that people do not want to pay taxes and then promise to cuts taxes, according to a statement by Ionut Dumitru (foto), Chairman of the Fiscal...
17 noiembrie, 2016
Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos declared on Tuesday his dissatisfaction that the Parliament votes on various social benefits without a minimal calculation of the budget impact. The Prime Minister announced that the last parliamentary decisions costs 9 billion lei...
1 noiembrie, 2016


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