16 august, 2022


  Rising incomes have fuelled consumption and, implicitly, the economic growth in recent years, but not the savings. Although a large proportion of the population is concerned about the living standards, too few choose to allocate a percentage...
15 octombrie, 2018
After entering the negative range at the mid of 2017, the remuneration of deposits at commercial banks reached a worrying -2.23% per year, according to the data published in monthly BNR bulletin 11 / 2016. It is an...
15 ianuarie, 2018
The non-government credit has increased by 2.1% (1.9% in real terms) to 219.8 billion lei in February 2017, compared to 29 February 2016, according to the monetary indicators published Thursday by the National Bank of Romania (BNR). The...
27 martie, 2017
Russian companies have reached in November 2016 at a share of 25% of the Romanian gas market, up from only 5% in January. The mechanism that allowed that is complicated and it is hard to know today whether...
27 noiembrie, 2016


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