9 decembrie, 2023

political crisis

The average for the first five months of 2017 of the long-term government loans was 3.85%, while for the last five months of 2016 it was 3.22%, significantly lower. The matter is NOT just about bigger or smaller...
25 iunie, 2017
The National Bank of Romania (BNR) announced an average rate of 4.5872 lei on Thursday, following the sharp depreciation in the first part of the day on the interbank market, from 4.5775 lei/euro on Wednesday to 4.5871 at...
17 iunie, 2017
  Yields of the Romanian securities have rapidly increased following the political chaos, the reaction of the society and the uncertainties underlying the budget that marked the last week. A rising level of the yields indicates a decreasing...
7 februarie, 2017


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