18 august, 2022

National Company of Road Infrastructure Administration

The Pro Infrastructura Association asks the Transportation Minister to dismiss the CNAIR management. In support of the request, the association published a review of the 2017 achievements of this company in charge of developing the Romanian infrastructure, which...
18 decembrie, 2017
Photo: Narcis Neaga, appointed adviser to the current government, starred in the „Sunken highway” play The National Company of Road Infrastructure Administration (CNAIR) will bring an action for the annulment of the partial arbitral award handed down by...
10 aprilie, 2017
The Government adopted on Wednesday an emergency ordinance which reorganizes C.N.A.D.N.R. and set up the National Investment Company S.A. Road (C.N.I.R.), a separate company to manage the road infrastructure. The initial motive of this reorganization was to create...
23 septembrie, 2016


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