Oracle transfers most of its European hardware support activities to Romania

de Adrian N Ionescu | 17.9.2017 .

Oracle, the world’s largest software developer, will transfer most of the European hardware support activities to Romania, to reduce current costs.

The process of closing some operations has already started, announces the British publication The Register, quoted by

The total number of these employees is 424, including executives, 137 of whom are already in Romania.

By cutting costs, 287 people from outside Romania would be fired, of whom 77 in Germany, 67 in Spain, 55 in France, 53 in the United Kingdom, announced the British publication quoting an internal release of the company.

Activity in Germany is expected to be closed by the end of February next year, and departments in Italy and France are to disappear by the end of next year.

The hardware support company in the UK has more executives than other countries and it is expected to have the longest life and be the last major team to transfer the responsibilities to the Romanian counterparts.

The migration of the support to Eastern Europe follows the departure of John Fowler, Oracle’s Executive Vice-president for systems, last month.

The move takes place in the context of repeatedly declining company revenues. In the last fiscal year, Oracle recorded software and hardware sales declines by 2% and 11% respectively and it was for the first time when cloud services brought more money.

The Romanian Oracle subsidiary is the main player on the Romanian software market, with over 3,630 employees last year, being the company’s second-largest subsidiary by size in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, after the UK.

Last year, Oracle had a turnover of RON 908 million in Romania and a net profit of RON 23.7 million. At the global level, Oracle has offices in 145 countries and more than 130,000 employees, with a turnover of over USD 40 billion last year.

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