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0 km of highways, 0 km of bypasses, 0 km of national road completed – CNAIR activity report by Pro Infrastructura Association

de Victor Bratu , 18.12.2017

The Pro Infrastructura Association asks the Transportation Minister to dismiss the CNAIR management. In support of the request, the association published a review of the 2017 achievements of this company in charge of developing the Romanian infrastructure, which briefly shows: 0 km of highways, 0 km of bypasses, 0 km of national road completed in 2017.

Disaster on all fronts in the balance sheet of the National Company of Road Infrastructure Administration at the end of the year“, is the conclusion of the Pro Infrastructura Association.

The official position of the association, also sent to the Minister of Transportation, is:

“Except for the section of 15 km between Dumbrava and Margina, whose date of circulation is March 6, 2017, a section that is part of the A1 Lugoj-Deva Highway and was completed in December 2016, the company headed by Acting General Manager Stefan Ionita is unable to open the traffic by the end of this year, not even on new, perfect vehicular areas, such as the A10 Sebes-Turda Highway, sectors 3 and 4, or the Caracal bypass. Evading the responsibility and the flawed interpretation of the Reception Regulations reflect only a profound management incompetence and a mockery of all citizens who put their lives at risk on daily basis, on national roads with a high level of wear and tear.

Moreover, “closing” Sibiu-Nadlac highway corridor (A1) is also indefinitely postponed due to the disastrous performance in dealing with the remaining problems on the Lugoj-Deva section. Although CNAIR General Manager Stefan Ionita promised to the Transportation Minister that the tender for the missing tunnels related to the 2nd lot will be launched in November at the latest, that has not happened so far. Also, the opening of the 3rd lot of the highway in 2018 is also jeopardized by the fact that the current CNAIR management refuses to pay the contractor for the additional works done by implementing the discharge from Holdea (semi-node).

The disaster also continues on the bypass projects, where contracts signed years ago and announced that they will start this year are postponed for the next years (Satu Mare, Radauti, Beius-Stei ring roads), those that are under construction marked time (Targu Jiu, Mihailesti, Bucharest, Tecuci), those announced to be unblocked remained at least as blocked as before (Carei, Suceava, Iasi), and some of them even take steps back to termination (Tirgu Mures).

This year’s great performances of the current CNAIR management are the billion-RON projects “launched on SEAP”. Unfortunately, these performances are illusory, as they are a colossus with clay feet! Launching tenders based on old, incomplete feasibility studies without proper geotechnical studies, with poorly prepared technical specifications, is just new dust in the eye cast to the citizen who hopes to travel on a 21st-century road infrastructure. Tender procedures launched are ALL repeatedly postponed and some of them are close to being annulled following court decisions, as in the case of Craiova-Pitesti Express Road.

Based on this report on 2017 “performances” and for us to not have in 2018 another year lost for the development of Romania’s vital infrastructure, the Pro Infrastructura Association asks the Minister of Transportation, Mr. Felix Stroe, to urgently dismiss the management of the National Company of Road Infrastructure Management and replace it with professionals capable of reducing the disaster dimension at least in the eleventh hour.

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